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About us

Pak Button Industries Private Limited is located in Karachi the economical hub of Pakistan. Our company is a button manufacturing enterprise integrating with development, research, production and sales. We manufacture all kinds of polyester button, wood button and metal buttons from our own manufactured raw material, with the most advanced Italian technology.

With more than twenty years’ unremitting efforts, our company has accumulated abundant professional production experience and made our products gain high reputation in the same industry by means of precise technical equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, strict testing method and perfect management system. Our products are sold to a lot of countries and areas. 


Our production systems allow us to meet ever increasing demands from customers. The technology we use at Pakbutton Industries has allowed us to expand rapidly and keep up with the changing trends. However, no compromise is made on the quality of each button manufactured at our company. Our systems allow us to manufacture cost effectively therefore we do not charge our customers excessively.

  • Oeko-tex certified.
  • ISO certified

Buttoning down the loose ends

How we got started?

The company was started to serve the garment sector of our country to help boost the export for national interest, To create more job opportunities.

The mission was to provide quality products to customers and explore new markets to promote/expand sales of the Company through good governance and foster a sound and dynamic team, so as to achieve optimum prices of products of the Company for sustainable and equitable growth and prosperity of the Company.

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